How to Play Movies on Apple TV

Have you just downloaded videos into your Apple iTunes app? Certainly, by using Apple TV you may enjoy videos and movies on your television or any electronic device such as: ipad, iPod or any other. However, you need to makes sure that movies you add into your iTunes application must be attuned for use.

How to Play Movies on Apple TV

Now, the question must be coming into your mind, How to Play Movies on Apple TV? Well, there are some diverse ways of playing movies on Apple TV. Let us discuss in detail.

Download & Purchase your Favorite Movies From iTunes

  • No doubt, using the search box available on the home page you can easily purchase and download the movies to iTunes application. A preview page will provide you the details about the movie you have downloaded.
  • Now, your browser will show you the iTunes app on your PC. After that, there will be a display of various purchase options for that particular movie you have chosen.
  • After choosing the payment option, you can simply make the purchase and then you will be able to watch the movie on Apple TV easily.

Exportation for Apple TV From i Movies-iTunes

  • Prior to navigating to the movie, launch iMovie app followed by selecting Quick Time. From the popup menu you need to choose Expert Settings as it will allow you to compress the movie.
  • Before you select a final destination, you will have the option to enter your file preferences. Further on, by selecting Movie to Apple TV, your movie will be automatically in a compatible Apple TV format.
  • On your computer, now you can open up the Apple iTunes app and then after dragging the file into Apple iTunes. Certainly, you can coordinate the movie within iTunes and that too with Apple TV.

By now, you must have got an understanding of how one can add movies on Apple TV.  Henceforth, now you can enjoy the movie fun time with your friends and family.

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Undoubtedly, in today’s high tech savvy world, it makes sense to be a part of these high technology products that are quite popular among people and allow them to take the most of this current digital scenario.

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