How to Plan Content for PowerPoint Presentations

“Pen is Mightier than sword” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton. You all may be familiar with this very common saying but, do you know how significant these words are? No matter, if it is speech or presentation, words always play a key role. You must know, your audience is there to learn something new from you and whatever you say leaves an impression on their mind.

Thus, whenever you plan content for your presentation, keep audience in your mind and think from their point of view. Along with informative it must be audience engaging like add some quotes or questionnaire.

Here we are discussing few points to write an effective PowerPoint Presentation Content.

  1. It must be written in effectual, visual and concise manner by keeping your target audience in mind. Avoid bulk amount of writing on your slides. If required, break it down into smaller ones and you may take two or more slides to cover a topic. But clarity of your concept should not be compromised in any way.
  2. PowerPoint is being extensively used these days for various purposes. But most of the presentation appear dull and overwhelming to audience because visual aids are not being properly used these days. Audience get confuse in choosing the option whether to read slide or listen to its explanation. So, you need to take care of this very things that it should not happen to ‘YOU’ at least.
  3. Use visual aids to illustrate your presentation instead of overshadowing it. So, be very careful while inserting graphics, pictures or images in your presentation as these can make your presentation best if perfectly and relevantly inserted and if not, then these are capable enough to make your PowerPoint presentation as worst.
  4. Create an outline for your script and control information flow. Craft easily readable sentences and  try to keep them concise as much as possible. If the any chance explanation seems stretched then just use headings only and provide information verbally. Use bullets for easy illustration or alternatives to bullet points.
  5. Give brief notes and clues in your PowerPoint presentation. Instead of sentences it is advisable to use short phrases. Keep 5-6 bullets on every slide and each slide should have 20-25 words. So, if you are creating  slides really for your audience you must implement these points.

So, these are the points which can make your presentation as the best one and by following these steps you can create a most effective and interesting PowerPoint Presentation and ultimately you could be a good presenter.

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