How to Make an Impressive Quad Chart in PowerPoint 2010

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Quad Chart in PowerPoint 2010. This type of slide essentially allows for four slides, charts, and any manner of content to be shown on only one slide. The creation of the quad chart requires very few steps. Once your PowerPoint quad chart is created you just need to put in your content, PowerPoint charts, etc.

With a blank slide open, go to the Insert tab, then to Shapes. What we want to select is lines.

Simply divide the slide into quadrants. Leave space at the top for header, but essentially you only need two lines. For this tutorial, we’re adding a third to separate the header from the actual quad chart. We suggest that you select all of the lines and group them.

quad chart

Basically, you just made the quad chart. All that is left is for you to insert your created graphs, imagines, bullet points, etc. The content you will put in is totally up to what you need to express through your chart.

As you can see, you can put whatever you would like in the quadrants and make each. It’s an issue of resizing your content to fit the quadrants.

quad chart ppt template

In the case of individual charts, you can even give it its own background thanks to the presets. Either before resizing the chart or after resizing it; right click on the outer border of the chart then select Format Chart Area.

simple quad chart powerpoint

From here, it will appear on Fill at default. Click on one of the radio buttons and edit the option as desired.

Alternatively you can download other free quad charts for PowerPoint or matrix tables.

Essentially, you have given that particular piece of content its own background on the greater PowerPoint quad chart with its own background.

To save time on doing a background for content that is just text, click on the Insert tab and Shapes once again and select rectangle. Resize it to the shape of a quadrant and drag it in place. Right click on it and select Send to Back and then Send Backward.

Now right click once again and select Format Shape at the very bottom of the drop down. We’re at Fill again and we’ll do the same thing we did for the chart that was inserted earlier.

Now you can place whatever text you wish on top of the square which is now serving as that quadrant’s background.

quad chart template in powerpoint

As stated the content to actually put in the quad chart depends on what you want or feel is needed in the PowerPoint presentation, so there is no definitive format to follow as far as structure, theme, or design.

We suggest that you save your created quad chart as a template for future use. The main background can be edited as can the color and thickness of the lines that make quadrants for your PowerPoint quad chart.

You can use this technique to make awesome but simple quad chart in PowerPoint to be used in your PowerPoint templates and .ppt presentations.

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