How To Crop A Picture in PowerPoint 2013

Not everyone has the time or know how to use different types of image editing tools to crop images for presentations. Besides, it’s quite easy to crop an image directly from PowerPoint instead of wasting time editing it elsewhere.

Cropping a Picture in PowerPoint 2013

We previously showed you how to crop an image in PowerPoint 2010, this time we will explore the various options that you can use in PowerPoint 2013 to crop an image. For the purpose of this post we will use the Free Storm PowerPoint Template.

To get started, click an image in your slide, go to Picture Tools –> Format –> Crop.

How to crop a picture in PowerPoint 2013

Adjusting The Height and Width

This will provide you with borders on the image that can be dragged to crop the image to your desired size. Alternatively, you can use the height and Width options from the Ribbon Menu to adjust the size of your image. The dark shaded area depicts the portion of the image that will not be included when the image is resized. Once you are done cropping the image, hit Esc.

Note: To equally crop the picture, hold CTRL while cropping the image.

Crop height and width

Cropping a Picture into a Shape

You can also crop your image using a shape by going to Crop to Shape option from the Crop drop down menu. This menu will provide you with a plethora of shapes to crop your image to.

Crop to shape

The below image shows the sample image cropped to a Rounded Rectangle shape.

Crop image to rectangle shape

Crop a Picture According to Aspect Ratio

You might require adjusting your image according to a specific aspect ratio. In such a case you can pick a Square, Portrait or Landscape orientation to crop your image to. All you have to do is to pick a desired aspect ratio and the image will instantly resize to it.

Crop to aspect ratio

Crop Fill and Fit

To fill a shape with the picture, you can pick the Fill option from the Crop drop down menu. Similarly, to set your picture size to match a shape’s dimensions (height or width), you can use the Fit option. Both these options respond to the selected shape type for cropping, which also acts as the cropping frame.

Fit or Fill picture to shape

Resetting Your Picture in PowerPoint 2013

It might happen that you may want to reset the image and its size back to the original form in case you get the cropping wrong or change your way about cropping the image. In such a case you can reset the image by going to Picture Tools –> Format and select Reset Picture or Reset Picture and Size.

Reset cropped image

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