How to Create Text Columns in PowerPoint 2010

If you need to add text in columns using PowerPoint then we will show you how to create text columns for your slides. This can be easily configured in a text shape in PowerPoint 2010 using the textbox properties. Like in the picture below, we have used three columns for the sample PowerPoint showing how to use columns in the slide. This can be very useful for presenters who need to separate the text by columns, especially when you have an item list to show in the same slide and need to save space.

Text Columns in PowerPoint 2010

First, we need to add a simple layout with title and content, or you can manually insert a textbox in the slide.

Then, right click on the text shape and choose Text Box tab and then look for the Columns… button. Click there and a small dialog will appear with the number of columns and the spacing between columns.

powerpoint column text

Now, add the number of columns that you want to use and set the space between columns. Then hit OK to save the changes and hit Close to save the properties dialog. This trick works very well in PowerPoint 2010.

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