How to Get Free Samples of PowerPoint Presentations

Some PowerPoint presentation may require from some inspiration from other resources in order to make possible achieve a great design and interesting content to show to an audience. Presenters may research lot of information before creating their PowerPoint slides, and sometimes getting some free samples of PowerPoint presentations, may be extremely useful to accomplish this task. One way to get started with your presentation is to get ideas found in sample presentations or templates.

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Here we will show you some good resources to get your free samples of PowerPoint slides and PPT templates that you can use for your presentations.

1. Stock Layouts – Free Samples of PowerPoint Templates

stock layout free samples

Stock Layouts for example offers free samples of PowerPoint templates with catchy images and nice styles that you may consider to download in order to get some inspiration. Learn more here.

2. – Free Sample of High Quality PowerPoint Templates

In order to create an interesting an powerful PowerPoint presentation with little effort, you can also get some free samples of PowerPoint backgrounds and templates from other sites like – SlideHunter is a free resource where you can download free High Quality PowerPoint templates for your business presentations.

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3. Use SlideOnline to Find Free PowerPoint Samples

SlideOnline is a free sharing service for PowerPoint presentations. Daily many presenters choose this service to upload and share their presentations online. You can browse the list of PowerPoint presentations to find free samples, however you should check the license for each template since there are some non-free PPT presentations, too.

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4. Using Google Images to get Free Inspiration for PowerPoint templates

If you are going to create a nice PowerPoint template for your organization, you can get ideas from Google Images. Just search for PowerPoint templates  or anything more relevant to your topic and this will give you a result page with lot of images. Notice that you can’t copy the images or paste them in your presentation, this may not be legal for those pictures that have copyright content and aren’t free, but you can get free inspiration from this search engine.

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5. Free Samples from

Of course, you can also download free stuff and free samples of PowerPoint presentations from our own website. We have more than 2000 free PPT Templates that you can download to be used in different presentation topics, for example you can download free business PowerPoint templates and free Marketing PowerPoint slides for your presentations, or get abstract backgrounds instead or nature PowerPoint templates.

All these examples provide techniques and inspiration for anyone who need to start building a PowerPoint template or planning an effective PPT presentation. You can also follow a similar approach to find free inspirational quotes or any other free stuff on the Internet.



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