Free Business Cards Template for Word 2013

Today, we are more connected than ever through social media; where everything and everyone is wired and synced. There is social media and smartphones. This is the time where everything is digital. You would wonder: Are business cards still important at this day and age? 

The answer is yes. Although you or your business maintains a lot of its presence online, a business card is still important to add that personal touch to introducing yourself. The Free Business Cards Template for Word 2013 is a wonderfully designed template that you can use to create your own personal business card.

Easily Create Your Own Personal Business Card

This business card template is quirky and whimsical, easily catching the attention and making an impression to anyone you meet. This template contains multi-colored little bears occupying the top and most of your business card, underneath is your name and contact information. Your name is thoughtfully set against a red background, with white text, to set it apart from the rest of the elements in the business card. Under your name, you can type in contact information such as Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Twitter, and Website.

Type in Your Contact Information Once and Generate Multiple Cards

This template is enough for 10 business cards in one page of a letter-sized paper. The size of each business card is standard and you can easily print as many copies as you would like.

This business card template is designed to be a personal business card. However, you can also use this for commercial or business purposes, especially if you are involved in industries relating to kids, parties, arts, crafts and many such things. The design is colorful, yet you can also modify the theme to suit your taste or preference. You can go to the Design tab in the Ribbon and color your business card however you want. The same can be done with font styles, sizes and font colors, which you can change at the Home tab in the RIbbon as well.

Customize Your Own Theme For Your Business Card

This free Microsoft Word template works with Word 2013 and earlier versions.

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