Documents To Go: View And Edit Files From MS Office And Google Drive On Android

One often requires importing MS Office files to an Android device however Android does not natively provide options to view Office files. Furthermore, many email attachments containing presentations, generic documents and spreadsheets are present in doc, docx, ppt, pptx, and other Microsoft office formats. In such a case one can use a third-party viewer to open documents such as MS PowerPoint and MS Word files. Documents To Go is an Android application which allows users to view files and attachments from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel format.

The free version of Documents To Go acts as a document viewer, whereas you can acquire additional options such as MS Office and Google Docs document editing and viewing of PDF files by installing the full (paid) version.

After Documents To Go is launched, you are provided with an overview of the available application features, asked to accept the terms and conditions, as well as asked to signup with a DataViz account. You can either continue with the signup process or select “Later” to proceed further. The main screen of the app provides users with the option to open recent files, starred files, Google Docs files (available in full version only) or to install the desktop app to open and sync documents from your PC.

Among the various applications in the Documents To Go suite, the Word To Go app provides rich formatting features such as bold, italics, alignment, bulleted underline, font color and numbered lists, tables and more), bookmarks, comments, footnotes, endnotes, track-changes, word count, find and replace, etc. Similarly, Sheet To Go enables users to perform many functionalities that are available in the desktop version of MS Excel. The suite also offers a separate slideshow app in the form of Slideshow To Go, which allows users to flick through slides, and to extensively modify the presentation’s playback settings.

Other than MS Office functionality, you can also benefit from PDF To Go in order to view and rotate, bookmark, as well as search through and copy content from PDF files. Perhaps one of the best features of this suite is that it also provides support for the cloud based Google Docs (Google Drive) service. All changes made to your Google Drive documents are instantly synced with your online account.

You can also synchronize Android files with your desktop computer, as all editing done on imported files on your PC or Android device are synced via USB cable, without altering the original formatting. As mentioned earlier, the document editing features can only be acquired in the paid (DocumentsToGo Full) Version. The paid version of DocumentsToGo costs $14.99.

Download DocumentsToGo (Free Version)

Download DocumentsToGo (Full Version)

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