Design awesome presentations with Fifty Three for iPad

iPad users may get some inspiring ideas by browsing the web of this great drawing application for iPad. Paper by Fifty Three is the new app available for iPad that let you embed ideas on electronic paper using your tablet.

fifty three for ipad sketches PowerPoint template

This powerful app for iPad includes five essential tools optimized for the creative process to sketch, write, draw, outline and color. Then you can use your own art to export the images and make PowerPoint slides. Ideas begin on the paper is the slogan used by this application that lets you to get inspiration from the environment, design your sketches using some basic drawing tools and then save them in a portfolio.

For example, if you need to make PowerPoint slides about a heart failure or cardiology presentation then you can use sketches with arrows like the following image  to illustrate originally how a heart system works.

Currently Fifty Three is only available for iPad but there seems to be people interested to get this for Android tablets, too, and even Blackberry Playbook.

How can you use this app to make PowerPoint presentations?

Presenters always are looking for new ideas and tools to help them represent and let audience visualize the data so they can offer a better understanding about what they are presenting. This tool for iPad can be really helpful for creative process and teams looking for different ways to show data and graphics in PowerPoint presentations.

  • Make original slide designs using sketches instead of default PowerPoint graphics and cliparts
  • Make awesome visualizations and charts using hand drawn design

You can see a live example here: