Crop Pictures in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010 you can crop pictures very easy by using the crop feature. This crop picture feature is available under the Picture tool menu. Here we will show you how to use the Crop button to crop pictures and images in your PowerPoint slide. You can use crop picture to adjust a picture to the PowerPoint slide, especially if you are dealing with a PowerPoint template and need to adjust the final look.

crop pictures

Cropping pictures in PowerPoint is easier using this tool. You just need to drag the borders to reduce the markers at the point you want to crop. For example, in this free construction image we want to crop to keep only two elements.

crop pictures in powerpoint

Look for the crop button in the Format picture menu, and you can see the popup displaying with many different cropping options.

Crop to Aspect Ratio in PowerPoint

Another good feature available in PowerPoint is the Aspect Ratio Crop command. This will allow us to crop the picture to any desired aspect ration in the list. We can crop it to a perfect square 1:1 aspect ratio, or use a portrait or landscape aspect ratio. This is great for example to convert your PowerPoint presentations or templates to widescreen.

crop aspect ratio


Crop to Fit or Fill in PowerPoint

Additionally, you can crop to Fit or Fill. This will resize the picture so that the entire picture displays inside the picture area while maintaining the original aspect ratio.

crop powerpoint images

Crop to Shape

Crop to shape allows you to fit the image inside any desired shape in PowerPoint. This is a good alternative to frame your images inside a shape. You can use any desired shape including regular pentagon, square, rectangle, balloons and callouts, or any other shape in the list.

Definitely, cropping is easy to achieve in PowerPoint and you can use the crop picture feature in PowerPoint 2010 to enhance your slides and pictures.

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    1. Hi Marlieke, did you try to use PictureFormat.CropLeft, CropRight, CropTop and CropBottom methods? I’d recommend you to check this snippet code from MSDN Crop Object.

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