Create And Upload Screencasts From Your Browser With Screenbird

Screenbird is a Java based web app that records your desktop content and provides the utility to save it online. This functionality is similar to the Screen-O-Matic web service. Screenbird provides comprehensive screen recording options to help users record screencasts without any software installed on their computer. Moreover, Screenbird requires no sign up to upload and share videos, however, you can optionally login and save videos up to 30 minutes to your account and even push your videos to YouTube.

Record Your Screen Via Browser

Using this web app is as easy as it gets, just head over to the Screenbird website and click Record Now. It is worth mentioning here that you will require Java to be installed on your device to record your screen. Although Screenbird  is not currently suitable for recording game play videos, you can use this web app to create screencasts for tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, application demos and the like.


Click “Record Now” To Begin Recording

Clicking on the Record Now option will open the recording menu, which can be used for recording either parts of your screen or the entire desktop.

Record Screen

Select Recording Area And Create Screencasts With Voice Over

Before recording begins, a countdown appears to allow the user to get ready for making their screencast. The below screenshot shows Screenbird recording a selected portion of the desktop. You can Pause/Resume the recording process anytime and also use the sound options to record a screencast with voice over.

Recording Screencast

Upload Screencasts Or Save Them Offline in MP4 Format

Once the recording process is complete, you can either upload your screencasts to a Screenbird account or without signing up, (as an Anonymous user. Each uploaded video provides an embed code that can be used for sharing the video. Uploaded videos can also be transferred directly to YouTube from your Screenbird account. You can also save the Screencast offline as an MP4 file.

Upload Screencasts Or Save Them Offline in MP4 Format

Screenbird Demonstration

For more details about the usage of the Screenbird service, see the developer’s demo video.

To record your screencasts freely across any device with an internet browser and Java, head over to Screenbird.

Go to Screenbird

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