Convert and Export PowerPoint 2010 Presentations to Videos

You may want to create an amazing PowerPoint Presentation, in PPT format with excellent sound effect for your Marriage Celebration or any corporate marketing event but, in case you want to present it in DVD player or another playback device , it is not possible to render PowerPoint Presentations without a PC. It would be a disaster if the projection system or display panel is unable to connect to your VGA output port of the laptop. In such situations, you may want to convert the MS Office Power Point presentation i.e. in PPT format to a video, which can then be recorded on a DVD or CD disc or can also be recorded on a  VHS tape that almost any device supports the playback.

You might have come across many situations where, you needed to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Visual clip, for instance you may want upload your video to YouTube, for maximum exposure.Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes a built in tool which allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to videos.  The invariable benefit of converting presentation into video format is that, viewers won’t require PowerPoint to view it, since it could be played in any media player.

Convert PowerPoint to Video

Today, a lot of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are being converted to video for maximum exposure. This is especially useful when the target audience does not have a computer or a mobile that has PPT installed. Once a presentation is in video format, you and your intended audience can view it regardless of the kind of system hardware or OS that they have. The amazing thing is that one can watch while on the move to save time so, whether on the phone, iPod or any device that can play videos.

There is no requirement for any high tech technical knowledge All you need is a slide sharing device where the presentation can be uploaded and then they can be converted to a format like Flash. One must however make sure that the slide sharing service that you have selected supports the various multimedia features like animations, transitions, sound etc. Slide Online is the most recommended service.

slideonline ppt

Advantages of Converting your Presentation to Video

  • It can be uploaded to the web and these slides can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • They can then be viewed even if you do not have PPT installed.
  • One can also have private settings that enable only a targeted viewership.
  • Video presentations can be sent via email as well be embedded on social platforms like Facebook etc.
  • You can also change and tailor the settings E.g. The frame speed, video resolution, audio clarity etc.
  • You can easily post the content in Power Point on video hosting sites like Meta Cafe and You Tube as well.
  • As a marketing tool these video presentations can also be burned on a disc for distribution
  • You can hook your PowerPoint presentation to portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox, iPod and more

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