ClearSlide Acquires SlideRocket From VMware

The relationship between ClearSlide, SlideRocket and VMware might be hard to define in a nutshell, however it exists! Many of you might be aware of the famous cloud based presentation service known as SlideRocket, which also comes with Google Drive integration and allows uploading PowerPoint presentations for online sharing purposes. In previous posts we also brought you a Review of SldieRocket and showed you many of its nifty features. Recently, it has been announced that the virtualization giant VMware has sold SlideRocket to ClearSlide.

ClearSlide Acquires SlideRocket

Why Did ClearSlide Acquire SlideRocket?

Before we move on to details about the acquisition, let’s explore the dynamics of what this deal might mean. ClearSlide is a cloud based service that caters for fulfilling the communication needs of sales teams. The ClearSlide platform covers different aspects of the sales process for their clients, e.g. by providing a place to manage documents such as PowerPoint presentations, videos and the like. This is further complimented by phone calls, emails, and remote other communication features. The acquisition of SlideRocket will further compliment this process as the integration of SlideRocket with ClearSlide will give its clients more enhanced capabilities for working with presentations.



Why Did VMware Sell Slide Rocket?

It is not hard to determine the causes why VMware sold SlideRocket, as the company’s primary focus has always been virtualization related products. VMWare CFO Jonathan Chadwick pointed out that they will deemphasize SlideRocket and other products that are not valued by the company’s customers. It appears that VMware is looking to invest more on cloud based opportunities which may be more suitable for its core line of products, instead of diversifying into unchartered territory. Hence, it will be of no surprise if VMware lets go of other types of heavy baggage which may not be very profitable for the company.


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