All About The New Salesforce App For MS Outlook

Salesforce App for Outlook has finally been announced officially for the global users. This all new integration will now provide you with exclusive experience of Salesforce from within MS Outlook.

It is actually a pure cloud based application that has now become capable to integrate Microsoft Outlook with the CRM data at Because it is a cloud based application there is nothing required to be installed on the computer system to initiate it.

Salesforce app for Outlook

The core motive of developing and launching this application is to make the users more successful and proficient to access the accounts, users, cases, leads, opportunities and contacts impeccably by simply opening the email in the Outlook itself.

Every bit of this information can be accessed swiftly without closing the email in Outlook. In addition, the user can also jump on to by simply clicking on any particular information within the Salesforce application.

Presently, this smart app supports both Windows and Mac computer systems in addition to both the Microsoft Outlook 2013 desktop client and Outlook Web App based on browser. The newer versions of this app will be launched once users get used to its functionality.

However, at the moment, the Salesforce App for Outlook has been launched in beta version but if you seek to experience some exclusive features of the same that is Salesforce Enterprise Edition or any Higher Version, you simply require a subscription.

This app is the first release since the collaboration of Microsoft and and it has also been announced that the advanced versions of this app will be launched in the near future with some additional features making users more productive and efficient.

So, if you are also seeking such solutions, you are free to install this app without any cost through the Microsoft Office Store.

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  1. Salesforce App for Outlook is great for Office 365 users. But it doesn’t work for native Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. To integrate Salesforce and Outlook 2007/2010/2013 you need to check 3rd party solutions. The best one I’ve found is ContactMonkey (
    I can view and edit any SalesForce information without leaving Outlook. They also provide me information who’s opening my email right now. That way I can prioritise who to call first. Worth a try!?

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