ABBYY Data Capture Applications Enable Document Processing Using OCR Technology

Converting documents from paper to electronic format by scanning them and using OCR technology to process data, can create a more durable backup for corporate documents. Optical character recognition (OCR) is used for scanned, typed or handwritten documents to extract data from them. ABBYY FlexiCapture is a data and document capture/processing application for enterprise use that can automatically convert documents to electronic format. FlexiCapture is a part of the data and document capture applications developed by Abby, along with the ABBYY Recognition Server and ABBYY Scan station. With the help of these applications you can easily extract data from a wide range of scanned documents including anything like printed copies of something as complex as PowerPoint presentations.


ABBYY FlexiCapture

With the help of this application you can process structured, non-structured and semi-structured (FlexiLayout) documents and benefit from automatic data capture when pages are scanned with a scanner. It supports anything from low to high volumes of data capture for all types of documents including questionnaires, surveys, tests, purchase orders, client receipts, invoices, letters, etc.


When using this application the scanned pages are bundled into documents and the text characters are automatically recognized. In case the application is unable to verify a character, it is sent for verification to the operator. Once the data has been confirmed, it is exported to a file or database and the images of the scanned file are saved to a user defined output folder.

Data Capture

ABBYY Scan Station

The ABBYY Scan Station supports many types of scanners including TWAIN-, WIA- and ISIS-enabled scanners. It is basically a document imaging application that is capable of scanning documents in bulk to transform them to a structured format. It provides options for scanning documents in batch, quality control and image enhancements.


ABBYY Recognition Server

If you would like to automate the tasks related to document recognition, then it might be worth setting up an ABBYY Recognition Server. It has been designed for large, medium size and small businesses and provides an automated OCR server for document capture applications. ABBYY Recognition Server is basically a supplementary tool for software like ABBYY Scan Station and FlexiCapture, as it provides your scanning devices and back end OCR applications with automated document capture functionality.


You can purchase the above mentioned applications and download their manual from the developer’s website. As the developer has stated little information about purchase of the ABBYY Data Capture applications, you might have to contact the sales department to place your order or to request a trial version.


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