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Download Hundreds Of Free Sound Effects At ZapSplat

If you have ever needed sound effects for your marketing video, sales presentation, YouTube video or even an academic PowerPoint presentation, the chances are you were unable to find a free source. What’s even harder to find is a royalty free source for downloading sound effects. ZapSplat is a website from where you can download …

How To Add Audio To A Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

Insert Audio in PowerPoint 2013

Adding audio to a PowerPoint presentation can come in handy for making your slides more vibrant, e.g. by providing the audience something more than just visual aid. In what is to follow, we will show you how to add audio in PowerPoint 2013, using various methods.

Volume Control in PowerPoint

Audio Tools

Some sound files inserted in PowerPoint always play in full volume. This may occur regardless of the sound volume setting set by the user. Adjusting sound for such files can be quite a nuisance and there is barely any proper method of doing it with convenience. OfficeOne Volume Control is an add-in which provides easy …

Free Music & Sound Loops for PowerPoint Presentations

One of the cool things about PowerPoint is that it let’s you embed sounds into directly into the presentation. You can insert sound loops and cliparts to decorate your presentations or even add a nice background music while playing the slide show. Here are some resources where you can download free music and sound loops …

Use SoundCloud to Find Music and Sounds for Your PowerPoint Presentations


SoundCloud is a sound sharing platform that you can use to capture a voice, moment or music in seconds or upload audio you’ve already created. The premise behind this service is that everyone has sounds to share and now you can share yours. Some PowerPoint Presentations may afford to have a background sound clips or …