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Free Time Management PowerPoint Template

Time management is often a pressing issue in organizations. Reaching the office, getting projects done in a set timeline and organizing workflow all have one thing in common, time. The Free Time Management PowerPoint Template provides an illustration of a clock to help presenters emphasize the need for proper time management.

Animated Character Expressions PowerPoint Template

Monsters can be cute, cuddly and a great way of making boring presentation topics more interesting. Animated Character Expressions PowerPoint Template comes with cuddly little monsters, animations and a diverse range of presentation layouts to help you leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Interactive Tabbed Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Tabs seem to have made their way in different types of applications, ranging from modern browsers to PDF readers. Unfortunately, PowerPoint is yet to catch-up with the concept. In a previous post we showed you how to add tabs to PowerPoint using a third-party add-in. The Interactive Tabbed Presentation Template for PowerPoint provides interactive slides …

Animated PDCA PowerPoint Template

PDCA stands for plan, do, check and act; which makes up a four step management methodology for continuous improvement. If you’re looking to create presentations based on PDCA, we have just what you need. The Animated PDCA PowerPoint Template contains a range of animated diagram layouts for you to create your Deming Cycle

3D Box Diagram Template For PowerPoint

A diagram type that is very rare in presentations is a box diagram. While certain diagram types such as whisker diagrams do use boxes, however, boxes aren’t all that common for making slide illustrations. And that’s a pity. The right use of box shaped diagrams can help you depict processes, make infographics and even add some …

Your Resume Animated PowerPoint Template

Some job interviews entail a lot more than just presenting your resume and an interview. You might be asked to present your vision for the organization and come up with ideas that best describe how you can make a positive contribution to the organization. Your Resume Animated PowerPoint Template gives a slide deck which can …

Free Hand Gestures PowerPoint Template

Body language is not to be taken lightly. This is particularly true if you’re in a professional environment where everything you do gets noticed and perceived in a very specific manner. The Free Hand Gestures PowerPoint Template is all about body language, or more specifically hand gestures and how they can impact your audience.

Free Photography Camera PowerPoint Template

While many people now use their mobile phones for taking snaps, not everyone has forgotten the good old method for taking pictures, i.e. by using a camera that doesn’t come built into a phone. Whether you love taking pictures using a mobile device or like to carry around your pocket camera or a larger DSLR, …

3D Stick Texting Figures For PowerPoint

Texting has spread faster than a pandemic, making us all hooked to our smartphone screens. Texting is so common these days that it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing at least a few people glued to their screens. The 3D stick texting figures depicted in clipart below can help you make presentations about texting, technology, …

Animated Gradient Mountains PowerPoint Template

A presentation template with a unique color scheme can be quite attention grabbing. Provided the colors are well matched, such a template can help your content get instantly noticed. The Animated Gradient Mountains PowerPoint Template is a slide deck with a modern design, and a very unique color tone.

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