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Using The DESTEP Analysis For Making Business Forecasts

DESTEP Analysis

Nowadays, with the help of a DESTEP analysis organizations may easily get the overview of its external environment. Each and every company is faced with some factors they cannot exercise influence on and the factors they can exert influence on. Thus, by Evaluating the DESTEP Analysis, one can easily get the clear information.

Easily Manage Invoicing Tasks Online With LiteAccounting


Accounting tasks often require the use of applications like MS Excel, MS Access, Intuit QuickBooks and even PowerPoint  presentations containing accounting data. However, the use of these applications can appear inadequate and too complex for a small enterprise. LiteAccounting is a web service that makes accounting tasks easier. It allows creating and sending professional invoices, …

How to Make a Fundraising Thermometer for PowerPoint

fundraising Thermometer template

Fundraising Thermometers can be used in PowerPoint presentations and dashboads. What exactly is a fundraising thermometer? It is a  thermometer design used mainly to monitor the progress of funds raised in an online fundraising campaign but also to show in dashboards and presentations based on the goals set beforehand by your organization. If you have …

Survey Report : Conduct Surveys To Find Out What Co-Workers Really Think About You

Ever wanted to know what your colleagues really thought about you? Why not conduct an anonymous survey? Survey Report is a web service that uses the LinkedIn platform to gather anonymous feedback from your professional contacts using surveys. Survey Report provides you with an innovative new way of finding out what your colleagues might think …

Add Weather Forecast in PowerPoint Presentation

Weather forecast can be embedded in PowerPoint presentations and this is something present in one of the lessons available in Microsoft in Education and Lesson plans. You can take a look at Meteorologist for a Day. Here you will learn how to gather information from and embed the weather forecast in a PowerPoint presentation template that …