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Learn how to speed up your presentations and run Microsoft PowerPoint faster, you can learn some performance tips to enhance your presentations especially when your slides have videos and multimedia content that may slow down your computer.

Making B2B Connections: Tips For Entrepreneurs

B2b marketing tips

If you are just starting up and need to make new connections then you need to know how to master the art of marketing! Marketing yourself and making the right connections is what works for everyone in the business world and the more connections you make, the better opportunities you get, it’s only as simple …

Life Hacks For Small Business Owners

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For the entrepreneur, a small business requires an exceptional amount of work to get it off the ground and keep it running smoothly. Many successful entrepreneurs have learned and developed tricks to boost their productivity. Below are some so-called ‘hacks’ that any big or small business owner can use to kick their productivity into gear. A Free Story Starter Generation Tool for Writers


If you are a writer you might have heard of the ‘Writer’s block’, which is a condition faced by writers where they are unable to produce content. This can often happen not only due to fatigue or when you have a stressed mind but rather when you seem to run out of ideas. In such …

5 Key Differences Between Leaders And Managers

Behind the success of any organization there are a variety of people out of which leaders and managers play an important role. Usually many firms make the mistake of thinking both these roles to be same when they are actually not.  People generally assume the managers to be the leaders and the leaders to be …

How Effective is The Bring Your Own Device Concept

BYOD in Schools

Almost everyone has a Smartphone in their hands today; there is hardly a soul on this planet who has not worked on a computer or does not have a laptop or tablet. As the world turns techno-friendly, the need to adapt to these gadgets in your daily life is turning into an inevitable need. The …

How To Make A 30-60-90 Day Plan

For making a more confident move in your interviews, you need to demonstrate to your prospective employer, what makes you stand out amongst others. 30-60-90 Day Plan is an action plan, which portrays the moves you will adopt as an employee, to ensure an organized and effective development. Although it was designed mainly to benefit …

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