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Make Creative PowerPoint Bar Charts using LEGO Bricks

Sometimes we need to think new ways to keep our audience engaged and finding original and creative ideas around can help us to make better presentations using visual aids. This time we’d like to show you how to create artwork using LEGO bricks in Chrome that you can use to represent Charts as an alternative to traditional …

Create And Search Color Palettes Using Images With Color Hunter

An easy method of creating color palettes is to use attractive images to derive a set of colors. However, doing so manually using a color picker can be quite time consuming. Color Hunter is a website which provides users the option to generate color palettes by searching and uploading images.

Download Windows 8 PowerPoint Templates To Create Modern UI Prototypes

windows8templates Prototyping Slide

One of the less known functionality of PowerPoint is its utility as a tool for creating mockups, wireframes and UI designs. If you are looking to quickly create a prototype for the Windows 8  Modern UI (Metro UI) then you should see the amazing Windows 8 Modern UI PowerPoint Templates at

How to Create a PowerPoint Template using a JPG Image Background

How to Create a PowerPoint Template using a JPG Image Background

Sometimes we want to create a PPT template from scratch using our own custom images, for example if you have your company visual identity and the designer provides you the slide designs as a JPG image (for the cover slide, the internal slide and any other custom slide layout). Here we will see how to …

Examples of PowerPoint Layouts for Quotes

There are many different ways to embed quotes into PowerPoint presentations but if you are looking for original quote layouts then you can check the following examples. We already wrote about that in our previous article How to create custom layouts for quotes, however here we will review a few other options. This style uses a …

Add a Modern Pattern Background Fill to PowerPoint Presentations

Add a Modern Pattern Background Fill to PowerPoint Presentations

The traditional pattern fill that you can use as a background in PowerPoint may not be fully compliant with modern presentations. Instead, you can take advantage of other advanced techniques to add a nice background pattern or use a custom pattern fill to change the background of your PowerPoint template or presentation to enhance your …

Find The Break Point To Create Responsive Designs With ResponsivePX


ResponsivePX is a web app which facilitates developers in the development of responsive web designs. The main purpose of ResponsivePX is to to adjust the width and height of a viewport so that one can  find the exact breakpoint width. The information gathered using this service can then be used in media queries to  create …

How to Draw a Sine Wave in PowerPoint 2010

Sine Wave

If you need to draw a sinusoidal curve in PowerPoint for your presentations then here we will show different approaches that you can use depending on your needs. Sine Wave or Sinusoidal wave is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. It is named after the function sine, of which it is the graph. Accordingly to …

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