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Download free presentation software and PowerPoint addins for presentations that can help you to make stunning and amazing PowerPoint slide designs.

Make Excel & PowerPoint More Powerful With Power-User Add-in

We have previously reviewed a number of PowerPoint add-ins and tools that can help you supercharge PowerPoint. Recently, we came across a PowerPoint add-in by the name of Power-user, which as the name suggests is a tool that can help make the most novice PowerPoint users create presentations like a Pro.

How To Activate Laser Pointer in PowerPoint 2016

Recent editions of PowerPoint, like PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016 provide many interesting options for presenters to help them emphasize different parts of their presentations, and one of them is the laser pointer. In this post we will show you how to activate the laser pointer in PowerPoint 2016.

Share Digital PowerPoint Handouts With Your Audience Via Web With SlideFlight

Sharing PowerPoint handouts with an audience can help them keep track of content within your slides and to better understand your presentation. However, printing handouts can be both laborious and wasteful; especially if you have a large number of people in your audience to cater to. Sharing digital handouts instead can be a more effective …

How To Animate Slide Objects Using Morph in PowerPoint 2016

Recently, Microsoft has been rolling out some amazing design options that can blow away any audience. We previously brought you an overview of PowerPoint Designer, which provides automatic layout suggestions for added images in PowerPoint 2016. We found another exclusive design feature added by Microsoft to PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint for Android and PowerPoint Mobile, known …

What is PowerPoint Designer?

When I switched from PowerPoint 2013 to PowerPoint 2016, I could instantly feel the difference. Not only is the latest edition of PowerPoint smoother in functionality than its predecessor but has some of the most amazing features hidden discretely, and one of them is PowerPoint Designer.

PhET PowerPoint Add-in Provides Free Science & Math Simulations

Explaining scientific and mathematical concepts in the classroom is one thing but what if you can display interactive models which change as you select certain options? PhET is a PowerPoint add-in available at the Office Store, which provides a set of scientific and mathematical simulations that can be great for class lectures and for students …

Shutterstock Add-in For PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes, an ordinary piece of text can appear that much more powerful, just because of the image associated with it. This is why the use of HD images can be a good way of making presentations that are more attention grabbing. Shutterstock has one of the biggest archive for high resolution stock images in the …

NormanZ Numbering Add-In Automatically Links Numbered Lists Between Slides & Shapes

There are often small annoyances within applications which take up a large chunk of our time and PowerPoint is no exception. The automatic numbering feature of PowerPoint for instance, isn’t all that flexible. Things become even more complicated when you require depicting a number sequence between multiple slides; or in the case of diagrams, multiple …

Insert QR Codes in PowerPoint With QR4Office Add-In

QR codes have been increasingly common in the wake of smartphone apps which have made users accustomed to scanning codes for downloading apps. A QR code can have a number of advantages, including the ease of transmitting information using a QR code scanning app and the utility to enable a large number of people to …

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